Gaze at the Endlessly Stretched Horizon

You might have heard about infinity pool, but never an infinity hot spring - gaze at its horizon over the water, soak your body and feel yourself connected to the sky. This gorgeous open-air onsen will complete your stay at Hakone.

Private Bath


A ceramic open-air hot springs bath made with Shigaraki pottery.

All guest rooms feature an open air "Onsen" bath with superb mountain view or forest valley view.


Open Air Bath

  • 6階大浴場「浮雲の湯
  • 6階大浴場「浮雲の湯
  • 6階大浴場「浮雲の湯
  • 6階大浴場「浮雲の湯
"UKIGUMO" - located on the 6th floor

"UKIGUMO" is an “infinity hot spring” which is similar to infinity pools with nothing obstructing the view.
You can enjoy sense of comfort as if you are floating in the air.

"KURUMAZAWA" - located on the 5th floor

  • 5階大浴場「車沢の湯」
  • 5階大浴場「車沢の湯」
  • 5階大浴場「車沢の湯」
  • 5階大浴場「車沢の湯」

"KURUMAZAWA" you can enjoy this hot spring bath in a forest while gazing up at a waterfall.
Relax and being healed with this hot spring bath.


Open Hours: 4:00 - 24:00 (Last entry is at 23:30) (Male and Female are switched from 0:00 with cleanup of bath. You can enjoy both types of bath on check-in day and next day.)

6F "UKIGUMO" Open Hours
4:00 - 24:00 (Last entry is at 23:30)
5F "KURUMAZAWA" Open Hours
4:00 - 24:00 (Last entry is at 23:30)
Hot spring quality
and efficacy
Sodium-chloride spring
Efficacy:Joint pain, muscle pain, stiff and painful shoulder, etc.

* We are sorry that we refuse the admission to person who has tattoo, is member of gangsters, and person who is overdrinking.
* For the guests who are not used to Japanese Onsen, we have rental of Yuamigi (bathing wear ) at reception desk.
* Children wearing diapers are not allowed to take a bath in the bathtub. Please use the washroom or hot spring bath in the guest room.